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The MEMOResolve administrator, chosen by the company, does not need technical knowledge. The goal in the "Make" step is to follow a strategic, proactive, or punctual path. The administrator can opt for either of the two ways. Strategic path: The administrator and the team will enter data on shareholder perspectives on stakeholder interests to find commonalities. They will listen to the leaders regarding the fundamental elements of the company, such as the DNA, mission and purpose, market, and growth plan. Secondly, they will identify the relevant stakeholders and their primary areas of interest. Finally, they will conduct a self-assessment to identify their most significant socio-environmental impacts. Ultimately, they will intersect these three axes to determine public pledges and present them for approval. Note that a public pledge can be an individual action or a group of strategic actions. Each pledge has its intended audience—for example, the CEO, the Board, the website, or the press. Punctual way: The administrator includes the necessary information for that specific situation.


The MEASURE step can be included in both MAKE and EXECUTE. MEMOResolve incorporates KPIs that are specific to stakeholder governance, such as NPS-style stakeholder satisfaction and pledge trust surveys. The application can gather shareholder feedback at any time, whether it be strategic and proactive or on a one-off basis. It can also incorporate standards, such as those from SASB, GRI, and others, as well as certifications like B Corp. Lastly, it encompasses process performance KPIs, including productivity per person, groups, processes, and time periods.


The purpose of the Execute step is to provide leaders with online control over information, people, and decision-making processes. Each company can determine the individuals involved in each pledge or group of pledges. They may establish interdepartmental and permanent working groups that represent the interests of their relevant stakeholders, such as employees through HR, investors through Finance, etc. The key is to obtain and balance different perspectives while working with MEMOResolve KPIs. The standing committee can have a fixed Chief Stakeholder Officer or rotating leadership. The application allows Administrators (the CEO or whoever is chosen) to decide who can initiate a pledge (top-down, bottom-up, or both), set goals and KPIs, easily add and delete people, request or edit information, add content (directly or through integration with other systems), approve or reject a pledge, monitor execution, maintain confidentiality, escalate it for higher approval, generate reports, and archive it.


The OPTIMIZE step can be integrated into MAKE, EXECUTE, MEASURE, or used as a stand-alone process. However, it is most effective when integrated into all the steps to capture tags, KPIs, keywords, and timeframes, among other factors. The more data is configured, the more comprehensive the comparison between pledges becomes, enabling analysis of their effectiveness, efficiency, and predictability, particularly when identifying similarities. Another objective of OPTIMIZE is to automate the production of reports on individual or group pledges. To achieve this, the company needs to define parameters for data collection, export, and organization. Finally, MEMOResolve seamlessly integrates with AI tools for data collection, benchmarking, research, and comparative analysis.

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Gui Athia, Founder & CEO.
International consultant and speaker.
Former Nike VP Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Head of Stakeholder Capitalism Department at the VUB University, Brussels.

Founder, CEO, and advisor of Europe, Brazil, and Israel startups.
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